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What does ENUM mean?

Time:2010-07-12 16:02Press:times
What does ENUM mean? ENUM stands for T e lephone Nu mber M apping. Behind this abbreviation hides a great idea: To be r

What does ENUM mean?

ENUM stands for Telephone Number Mapping. Behind this ‘abbreviation’ hides a great idea: To be reachable anywhere in the world with the same number – and via the best and cheapest route. ENUM takes a phone number and links it to an internet address which is published in the DNS system.  The owner of an ENUM number can thus publish where a call should be routed to via a DNS entry. Whats more, different routes can be defined for different types of calls - for example you can define a different route if the caller is a fax machine. ENUM does require the phone of the caller to support it.

You register an ENUM number rather like you register a domain. At present many registrars and VOIP providers are providing this as a free service.

ENUM is a new standard, and is not that widespread yet. Though it looks set to become another revolution in communications and personal mobility.