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Gateway management solution

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As a smart businessperson you are always looking for easy ways to manage your gateways and chase maximize efficiency mi

As a smart businessperson you are always looking for easy ways to manage your gateways and chase maximize efficiency & minimize costs. We at Routexe realize that considerable changing your management system in various environments as well as enhanced productivity for your business, can be achieved through the Routexe gateway management solutions.

What is a VOIP gateway

A VOIP gateway (or PSTN Gateway) is a device which converts telephony traffic into IP for transmission over a data network. They are used in 2 ways:

1. To convert incoming PSTN/telephone lines to VOIP/SIP:

In this manner the VOIP gateway allows calls to be received & placed on the regular telephony network. In many business cases, it is preferable to continue to use traditional phone lines because one can guarantee a higher call quality and availability.

2. To connect a traditional PBX/Phone system to the IP network:

In this manner the VOIP gateway allows calls to be made via VOIP. Calls can then be placed via a VOIP service provider, or in the case of a company with multiple offices, inter office calls costs can be reduced by routing the calls via the Internet. VOIP gateways are available as external units or as PCI cards. The vast majority of devices are external units. A VOIP gateway will have a connector for the IP network and one or more ports to connect the phone lines to it.


An analog VOIP gateway

Types of VOIP gateways

1. Analog units: Analog units are used to connect regular analog phone lines to it. Analog units are available for between 2-24 lines.

2. Digital units: Digital units allow you to connect digital lines either one or more BRI ISDN lines (Europe), one or more PRI/E1 lines (Europe) or one or more T1 lines (USA).


VOIP gateway management system

If we have more than one gateway and in different places, it’s impossible to manage every gateway at scene. And we also need control every gateway ports, including the billing, status, rates, and so on. So VOIP gateway management system comes forth. Fundamental to any communications system is the ability to discover, isolate and remedy problems as quickly as possible to minimize or eliminate the degree to which users are impacted. A ripe VOIP gateway management system should be mapped to standard MIBs and include not less than the following functions:

l  Configuration on per channel basis including set-able country code specific information

l  Per channel Statistics and Status reporting

l  Per channel real-time  trace and diagnostics capabilities.


The VOIP DSP lib can include following notes:

l  G.711 μ/a-law PCM

l  G.726 40/32/24/16 Kbps ADPCM

l  G.729 A/B 8 Khz toll quality CS-ACELP

l  G.723.1 IMTC Compliant - 5.3/6.3 Kbps

l  DTMF, MFR1, MFR2 Detecton and Generation

l  Caller ID, V.25 Answer Tone, V.21 CNG, SS7 COT, SF Signaling and V.18 Text Telephone Detection

l  Call Progress Detection and Generation, AGC

l  G.168-2000 Echo Cancellation, 128 ms tail

l  Voice activity detection and comfort noise generation

l  Jitter Buffering and lost packet recovery

l  μ-Law/a-Law to Linear Conversion and Gain Control

l  Play/Record of Audio Files

l  RTP Packetization

l  3 Party Conferencing for TDM and IP Network sides


Routexe Service on GMC

If you met problems as follows, you can get help from Routexe

l  Feel hard to set up gateway system

l  Can't control your gateway remotely

l  No traffic after set up gateway system

l  Can't get payment in time after traffic is done


Routexe has a whole VOIP gateway solution

l  Business counseling. We build up business with customer together, find the best way, create the appropriate solution. We have a experienced team who keep focus on the VOIP gateway solutions.

l  Device counseling and purchase. We offer the information about all common gateway device and supply the configuration about most of them.

l  Configuration and setup service. We help customer configurate and setup their gateways and terminations. And help them set up their business.

l  Support monitor and resource management. We offer technical support and customer service to our customers.

l  Stable traffic value and perfect rate table. We focus on help customers make their business in a right way and go to a better future.

Bearsfoot & Routexe handclasp

Bearsfoot Gateway Management Center is one of the best GMC systems. Routexe and Bearsfoot make a deep cooperation on this project.

The functions of Bearsfoot GMC as follows:

l  Billing -- Real time, amount for user/GW/each port exactly.

l  Ports status control -- You can set either a port is available or unavailable by manual, or automatic shutdown by the system when it's postage due.

l  Rate table -- Manage your traffic rate, easy to stat the profit.

l  Concentrative manage -- Manage all your gateways in one web site.

l  Statistics -- ASR/ACD/traffic value/profit.

 For our service you can see more at there.