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Globalphone(also smart phone)


Be aware of Globalphone(also smart phone)

Address:Hellwag str. 15/5/11 Austria-Wien1200 Marchfeldstr. 17/5 Austria-Wien1200





Tel: +4319680046

Fax: +4312765800

Mobil: +436503473565

We used to be his customer, and he gave us postpay with credit of 1000USD, we paid in time and on time, never delayed. Then we have no traffic for their routes, but they want to buy our Philippines mobile route, considering of the previous cooperation, we also gave them credit of 1000USD, and they agreed to make the payment when credit reached 750USD. However, when it reached 750USD, they did not pay us, and said their finance was ill in hospital and would pay us when he came back to office, and also will pay extra 1% for the delay; but we got nothing for about 2 months, we kept pushing him, but no matter we sent mail or nudge him on MSN, no answers. Until now, they still owed us 1004USD, so everyone, be aware of this lier company, and never deal business with them.

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