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Memphis Telecom Pty Ltd.

Be aware of Memphis Telecom Pty Ltd.

Address: Melboure, Victoria, Australia


Contact person: Ryan Wong



Tel: +61 3 9898 6799

Fax: +61 3 9898 6588

I have been exchanging traffic with Memphis with Ryan Wong, we offered them Cambodia, Taiwan Mobile CLI, etc.; and they offered me Nepal route, then we worked on traffic exchange with credit of 1000USD; but their quality was too bad, so we can not send traffic, then it actually became one-way selling coperation for us, we agreed on doing payment when credit reached 1000USD, but when it reached, they delayed; at the very beginning, he answered my call about the payment, and found a lot of excuses; finally he did not answer my calls, and never answer me on MSN, until now, they still owed us 1003USD, so everyone, be aware of this lier company, and never deal business with them.

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